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With an expert eye for quality luxury goods of the past, the company combines British town and country house tradition with modern requirements. We proudly present an outstanding collection of antique furniture & collectibles from the past 300 years of international culture. With over 1000 works from English, European, Asian and American collections, our stock of Antique Furniture, Lighting, Arms & Armour, Clocks, Grand Tour Sculpture, Oceania, Oriental & European Works of Art is rich, varied, and world-class.

Who we are

Founded by Nicholas Wells in 2012 and built on 15 years of antique dealing experience at Mallett & Sons in London and New York. Wells enviably leverages market knowledge and international connections to access and secure the very best antique pieces for clients. Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd are top antique dealers in London, equipped to assist you to furnish your home and nourish your desire to own the best.

Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd - About Us

Welcome to Nicholas Wells Antiques

We extend a warm welcome to you at Nicholas Wells Antiques, a renowned dealer of art, antiques, and design, located in the heart of London. Our main headquarters are conveniently situated in the heart of London, and we also have a strategic logistical and operational branch located in the outskirts of the city. This dual presence allows us to efficiently serve our esteemed global clientele. We take pride in setting ourselves apart with a distinctive approach that combines our profound passion and expertise in assessing fine art, antiques, and design spanning the 17th to 20th centuries. This unique blend allows us to offer unparalleled insights and unparalleled service.

At Nicholas Wells Antiques, we capitalise on the full potential of modern online marketing tools, utilising them as one of our core strengths. This strategic approach enables us to effectively showcase our exceptional collection of art, antiques, and design to a wide audience, and connect with discerning customers both nationally and internationally.

Our business is built upon the expertise of our highly skilled and renowned team of experts and scholars in the decorative arts, history of furniture, and works of art. Carefully assembled, our team includes specialists in selecting and curating antiques, providing meticulous research tailored to each specific piece.

Nicholas Wells, a distinguished authority in English and European antiques, leads and coordinates our team. Lord Constantine brings his expertise in Fine English Furniture, while Andrew Allfree heads our Decorative and Indian furniture division. Thomas Woodham-Smith provides invaluable advice and curation for our Continental furniture and 20th century department, while Peter Jackson and Dr Perminder Davgun advise and curate the arms and armour and oceanic departments, respectively.

Our team forms a vital foundation of our business, and their profound knowledge and expertise ensure that we offer the highest level of service and expertise to our esteemed customers. At Nicholas Wells Antiques, our commitment to excellence extends beyond our expertise in evaluation. We have a well-established network of trusted restorers and conservators who meticulously assess and renew our antiques, ensuring they are in optimal condition for the national and international markets. We take pride in the quality of our restorations, which are carried out with utmost care and attention to detail.
In addition, our seamless delivery services are backed by efficient customer service and a dedicated logistics team. We handle all the necessary documentation for shipping and delivery, both domestically and internationally, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our valued customers. We understand the importance of timely and secure delivery of our precious items, and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in this regard.
Our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business, from evaluation to restoration to delivery, is aimed at providing our customers with a superior experience and ensuring that their satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

Nicholas Wells are experts in traditional British and European antiques

Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd of London specialise in unique and rare high-quality antique furniture, works of art, Oceanic and Islamic Arms and Armour. Established in 2012 the company are prominent antique dealers in London, who sell to institutions, interior decorators and private collectors worldwide. Notable sales include the Nizam of Hyderabad’s gold and diamond-encrusted silver jubilee presentation sword and the Ali Khan Dunhill Aquarium gifted by Sir Winston Churchill. Important discoveries include the “lost” Lorenzo Bartolini Chatsworth Tazza last recorded in a photograph of the sculpture hall of 1900 and a previously unrecorded magnificent pair of Blue John Atheniennes attributed to Thomas Hope.

The archive

Discover the pieces you missed, the treasures we have handled and coveted, the pieces we enjoyed discovering, researching and delivering to our international clients. 

Access to hundreds of outstandingly high quality items

Our collection of antiques is constantly evolving, we have hundreds of items online, all chosen by experts for the condition, quality and design aesthetics. You will discover countless unique and rare antiques at Nicholas Wells Antiques.

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Browse our online catalogues, items are presented with the freedom to show pieces in a varied and exciting design, combined with essays and expanded research. Enjoy browsing and seeing our collection in a new light. 

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Many thanks for enhancing our lives!

Well Nicholas, the Elm Dresser finally arrived and is already in daily use. It is utterly magnificent and full of charming character. It has been well worth the wait. I have a wonderful photo of the dresser in situ. I have attached it to this message, All the very best and many thanks for enhancing our lives!
Richard, Dallas, Texas​