From elephants and eagles to dogs lions and horses. Here at Nicholas Wells we have an extensive collection of antique animal sculptures and statues. For those looking for something truly unique, animalier sculptures such as our seated lions are the perfect addition to aggrandise a space with familiar or exotic loved animals.

19th century Bronze Bird of Prey Fighting a Serpent


A mid century bronze of a crouching panther or lioness


Carlo Uboldi – Marble Relief of Boys Playing With a Donkey


Cast Iron Sculpture Of A Seated Lion


Doves of Pliny Micromosaic Roundel Attrib Giacomo Raffaelli


Do you have something you’re wanting to consign?

Early 20th Century Alabaster Polar Bear


Grand Tour Bronze Recumbent Mastiff Dog


Grey Marble sculpture of an Elephant


Late Renaissance Bronze Walking Bull Sculpture after Giambologna