Portrait Busts & Sculptures

Portrait busts are important historical documents that provide vivid reference to a moment in the life of the sitter and the stylistic traits of an era. Literally carved in marble and cast in bronze these documents stand frozen in the face of constantly evolving time as a statement and presentation of another age. Whether you wish to acquire a 17th, 18th century masterpiece carved in statuary marble or a finely sculpted renaissance bronze, our portrait busts and sculptures will compliment your collections and build upon your interests.

Portrait sculpture was a prominent art form in the 18th century, particularly in Europe. Wealthy individuals commissioned artists to create busts and statues of themselves as a way to convey their power and status. However, many artists also created smaller, more lifelike sculptures of individuals, capturing their features in intricate detail.

One example of such a sculpture is the small bronze bust of Hadrian, created in the 18th century. This sculpture depicts the Roman emperor in a realistic and naturalistic manner, with attention paid to the details of his facial features and clothing. Similarly, the life mask of John Keats, created in plaster, captures the poet’s likeness and expression with remarkable accuracy.

Another prominent example of 18th century portrait sculpture is the statue of Napoleon by Chaudet in statuary marble. This larger than life sculpture depicts the French emperor in a heroic pose, conveying his greatness and power. Finally, the bronze sculpture of Prince Albert by William Theed portrays the British royal in a regal and dignified manner, capturing his features and clothing in intricate detail.

18th & 19th century portrait sculpture was a popular and important art form, with artists creating lifelike and detailed sculptures of individuals from all walks of life. These sculptures continue to be admired and appreciated to this day, highlighting the skill and creativity of the artists who created them.


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