Portrait busts and figurative sculptures have the unique ability to convey a person’s presence. Whether you wish to acquire carefully carved marble or finely sculpted bronze, our exquisite portrait sculptures will introduce timeless grandeur and beauty to your interior. Our collection of portrait sculptures includes life-like busts of key historical figures, preserving a sense of likeness that suspends time, enabling us the viewer to be held in their physical presence. The power of the three-dimensional human portrait creates a sense of immediacy, showing the skill of the craftsman, and is thus a worthy piece to acquire.

19th Century Bronze of a Gladiator


Bust of a philosopher (Il Filosofo)


Collection of Eight Cast Bronze Napoleon Bonaparte Statues


Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius


Grand Tour Bronze Bust of Ancient Greek Poet Homer


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John Keats – Plaster Life Mask by Benjamin Robert Haydon


Lysippos Apoxyomenos : Black Basalt Statue : ‘The Scraper’ Torso


Marble bust and Roman Torso


Minerva and Augustus ||| After the Antique ||| Attributed To Benedetto Boschetti


Pair of Orientalist Spelter Statues By Anatole J. Guillot (1865-1911)