Light up your room and add a touch of elegance to your decor with a stunning, high-quality antique lantern from Nicholas Wells Antiques.

Large Scale Circular Brass Lantern
A Large Scale Circular Brass Lantern


A Miniature Louis XVI Brass Circular Lantern


A Regency bronze hexagonal lantern


A set of six green enamelled conical pendant lights


Art Deco Brass Cylinder Lantern


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Art Deco Nickel Plated Ceiling Light


Chinoiserie Lantern – Brass & Bronze – William IV


Gilt Bronze and Glass Pendant Lantern


Pair Of 1950’s Exterior Wall Lights


Regency Cranberry Glass Pendant Lantern


Rococo Revival Brass Lantern by Hooper & Co Boston


At Nicholas Wells Antiques, we specialise in sourcing the most exclusive and luxurious antique items from across the world. Our 15 years of experience and valued relationships with antique experts in both London and New York allow us to provide the rarest and finest antique lighting and lanterns, as well as unrivalled customer service.

Lighting is key for achieving ambience and creating warmth in your home, and antique lanterns offer a unique and timeless twist in comparison to traditional lighting options. From antique French lanterns to antique hanging lanterns; our range in our London gallery and online store caters to every antique collector’s needs.

Perfect for updating your bedroom, or transforming your living area; antique lanterns are a great investment. We focus on unique French and English antique designs from the 18th and 19th centuries and the majority of our pieces are unique, so be sure to enquire if you see an antique item you like. Whether you require an art deco dish light, a Chinese antique lantern or a revival brass lantern, we’re sure to stock something you’ll love.

As well as stocking a selection of superb antique lanterns, we also proudly offer antique cabinets, antique mirrors and pieces of fine art as well as antique accessories to cover all areas of your home. For further information about any products from our antique lantern collection, or to reserve any other item on our website – please get in touch now, we will be more than happy to assist you!