Islamic Arms & Armour

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Islamic, Indian Mughal and Ottoman Arms and Armour Collection at Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd.

Fine weapons have always been coveted by the wealthiest in society – royalty: kings, princes and their courtiers, as prestige symbols of status and power. Mughal and Ottoman Weapons formed an integral part of contemporary attire and were intended for show. As such, they were the perfect vehicle for the presentation of precious materials and technical mastery,  according to courtly traditions and their etiquettes.

The collection of fine Islamic arms and armour offered at Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd in London is expertly selected from the thousands of pieces available on the current antique weapons market, as well as sourced from important and long-established private collections that rival items in the Metropolitan Museum, New York, and the Wallace Collection, London. The distinction of our important collection is our passion to offer only the very finest examples of their kind.