Firstly, it is important to note that this document is not about restoration. It is about preservation and generally, a less is more approach to maintaining your collection. The arms and armour we sell here at Nicholas Wells Antiques have all been checked in our workshops and are ready to be received in perfect condition. They do not require further restoration, but they will benefit from careful handling. Here we

Starting your collection of Antique Indo-Persian Arms and Armour can be quite daunting. With there being an array of weapons, ranging from Tulwars, Katars, Pesh Kabz’, Shields, Maces and much (much) more it really is hard to know where to begin. But fear not, we have put together a little guide, which should give you a direction as to how to start and grow your collection. Collecting is like anything

The Indian sword is equally lethal yet decorative as it comes in many styles and forms with various types of decoration; silver, gold and rubies. Typically, most in the west will refer to the Indian Sword as simply a Tulwar (often spelled as Talwar or Tulvar). Tulwar in its simplistic form is used to describe a one-edged sword from the Indian subcontinent. This description originates from the Sanskrit word ‘Taravari’.