Post by Daisy Watson The Bartolini Tazza : The only known comparison is at Chatsworth House - Carved as a single piece of marble Bartolini’s white marble Tazza and Column is comprised of a stylobate, an unfluted shaft, and a capital. A pipe-lined necking and an ornate echinus follows a similar motif to the decorated lower section of the shaft. Atop the capital, stands the entwined snake handled tazza, carved

Firstly, it is important to note that this document is not about restoration. It is about preservation and generally, a less is more approach to maintaining your collection. The arms and armour we sell here at Nicholas Wells Antiques have all been checked in our workshops and are ready to be received in perfect condition. They do not require further restoration, but they will benefit from careful handling. Here we

Starting your collection of Antique Indo-Persian Arms and Armour can be quite daunting. With there being an array of weapons, ranging from Tulwars, Katars, Pesh Kabz’, Shields, Maces and much (much) more it really is hard to know where to begin. But fear not, we have put together a little guide, which should give you a direction as to how to start and grow your collection. Collecting is like anything

This month at Nicholas Wells Antiques, we spoke with Joe La Placa on Instagram Live, Director at Cardi Gallery, based in London, UK and Milan, Italy. As well as a discussion about his work in the contemporary art arena, we also discussed his favourite piece in our collection, the Lapiz Lazuli Mounted Coral Specimen, available to purchase now. Lapis Lazuli Coral Mounted Specimen La Placa described how he came to be

Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821), France’s greatest ruler and one of history’s finest military leaders, died almost 200 years ago, on 5th May 1821. In the light of that imminent anniversary, art collectors and historians are once more turning their attention to the many social, political and artistic achievements that he instigated. Napoleon was not only a military genius but a man of great intellect with a passion for

The Allure of Mid Century Furniture Born in 1962, I am sort of Mid Century myself. It is a rather peculiar feeling having lived through a period that has become a style. As I grew up my parents eschewed the rich upholstery and heavily carved furniture of their childhoods for the clean lines, delicacy and mechanical references that epitomises the Mid Century. The term itself, however, is a trifle vague and

Today’s Antique Market -The British Antique Dealers Association Top Antiques Dealers In our special series on the world of antiques and the antique market Nicholas Wells Antiques is delighted to present specialist blogs on leading fairs, dealers, and the preeminent organizations and associations, such BADA (British Antique Dealers’ Association). Founded in 1918, BADA British Antique Dealers Association is considered one of the top antique dealer associations and includes approximately 350 international dealers, galleries, and antique shops. In this blog, we will showcase some of our

The Tipu Sultan Collection -Islamic and Indian Arms and Armour  At Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd., we follow the most intriguing sales of rare antique objects particularly those that tell the fascinating story of iconic historic figures like Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore (1782-1799). This month arms and armour auctioneer Antony Cribb will feature a highly rare set of Indian and Islamic objects from the siege of Seringapatam, the site of the great and enigmatic Sultan’s defeat.   About the Tiger

Many years ago my great friend and colleague at Mallett, Piers Woodnutt, introduced me to a field of collecting that I knew very little about. Since seeing and handling the first Dunhill Aquarium lighters, I have been spellbound by them ever since. They cross the divide of a functional luxury object combined with a quirkiness and uniqueness that makes every one of them special. They all have their merits and distinctive features,

Orientalism is a term that refers to the Orient i.e. the East, in reference to the Occident i.e. the West.  Orientalism is the study of cultures, peoples and languages of Eastern societies as viewed by Western scholars. In particular, it has been used to refer to works of 19th century scholars, especially British and French, in literature and arts that were reflections of their interpretation of Eastern societies, they had

On 26th September 2017, the auction house giant are holding an exciting auction of the Vivien Leigh Collection, and as huge fans of the iconic actress, we had to take a look at the Sotheby's catalogue. With an outstanding collection of film memorabilia and artworks, the Vivien Leigh Collection also offers an impressive array of furniture and decorative arts from the film star's private collections. As a woman of good taste

Nicholas Wells Antiques specialises in 18th and 19th-century European furniture, and we pride ourselves on having an expert eye for spotting those unique, exceptional quality pieces. In particular, we think that the Georgian period produced some of the finest examples of furniture design. What makes Georgian furniture interesting, is the immense variety of styles that emerge throughout the period. From the years 1714 to 1830, over a century, we see

Nicholas Wells Antiques is  proud to present a sneaky peak into some exciting new stock - Josiah Martin and Elizabeth Pullman: the Maori Collection. Please do get in touch if you are interested in any of the photographs shown, as all are currently available! Josiah Martin and Elizabeth Pullman's photographs of New Zealand, the surrounding islands and the people were hugely popular during the second half of the nineteenth century and

  We are delighted to announce some fabulous new treasures within the Nicholas Wells Antiques collection! Take a look and let us know what you think: Impressive, Florentine Marble Centre Table To learn more, click here   Bronze Victory, on original Portoro Marble Revolving Pedestal, By Sabatino De Angelis To learn more, click here   Painted French Provincial Empire Console Table To learn more, click here   19th Century Empire Gueridon Centre Table, with Marble Top To learn more, click here   Regency Rosewood Side Cabinet Chiffonier   To learn

Superb Rare 19th Century French Kingwood, Rosewood & Mother of Pearl Parquetry Ormolu Mounted Boîte à Nécessaire. This truly beautiful piece, veneered throughout with matched chevrons of Kingwood, with its cover & hinged door inlaid with mother of pearl, Rosewood & Kingwood parquetry lattice work, all set within an ormolu beaded mount frame is absolutely gorgeous to behold. The two ormolu female Goddess figures are beautiful quality, one of which

Magnificent 19th Century Blue John & Ashford Black Marble Tripartite Table Important, Extremely Rare & Magnificent Blue John & Ashford Black Marble Tripartite Table, Circa 1845. The Ashford Marble top is inset with the most fabulous variants & veins of Blue John, the colour & depth are truly outstanding. The attention to detail & artistic design of the top is a masterpiece in the use of Derbyshire Blue John, showcasing all

Please see below the photographs of the Important & Rare George III Harewood & Satinwood Pembroke Table Attributed To Mayhew & Ince, Circa 1780. One of the finest 18th Century Pembroke tables ever made. The colour, figuration of the veneers & patina on this glorious piece are truly superb, the mahogany lined drawer & leather & brass casters are a beauty to behold. It is a most exceptional table. The

A recent article in The Telegraph concerning the current market for glassware predicted that we would be seeing a surge in interest in crystal and glassware, in “decidedly contemporary shapes’. Following a period of dust gathering and relative obscurity, Glass appears to be making a comeback. Despite the brittle physicality of this material, its decorative and ornamental nature speaks for itself and it is not difficult to see why these

Paul Jacoulet (1896-1960) has an immensely abundant legacy of over 160 woodcut prints in addition to an excess of 3,000 watercolours and drawings. His works are a triumphant harmony of both Eastern and Western cultures that he was exposed to throughout his lifetime, recently acknowledged in an exhibition at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in 2011. Born in France, Jacoulet grew up in Tokyo after his father, a university professor, was