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F & C Osler, the leading British glassmaking company of the 19th century, was established by Thomas Osler in 1807 in Birmingham. In its infancy, the company only manufactured chandeliers and glass furniture. However, when Thomas Osler’s sons, Follett Osler and Clarkson Osler, joined the business, the company’s operation expanded, resulting in the opening of its second branch in London in 1845. F. C Osler's 8.25 meter crystal fountain made

Selecting Antique Table Lamps from Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd. for Your Interior, Style and Collection The most memorable and beautiful spaces often combine modern and classic design creating a sense of artful arrangement, and flow, while as well generating comfort and livability. Indeed, eclecticism is at the root of the extraordinary fascination we have with the traditional interiors of country houses, castles and city residences. The admixture of periods, colour, texture and styles allow

Interior Decorating with Antique Mirrors The antique mirror is an iconic decorating object, a unique embellishment that exists somewhere between artwork and furnishing. The most creative and well-regarded interior designers almost always include an antique mirror or group of mirrors as a finishing touch, a tasteful and elegant way to create a sense of opulence and character. Rare antique mirrors are of course the penultimate form of this decorating essential. Many of our clients in London choose antique mirrors as decorative

Egyptian Revival Furniture Art has always been appreciated all over the world. No matter what time or age we are living in, the beauty of art and culture cannot be dimmed or overlooked. Consequently, Egyptian Revival Furniture is part of our culture. The Egyptian revival in the decorative arts is considered to be one of the great distinguishing art movements of the 19th century. The period known as the Egyptian revival appears

Blackamoor figures are small sculptures and representations of usually African males along with other dark skinned figures from European history. Most of them are depicted holding a tray or any receptacle that was intended for practical use. Blackamoors are also incorporated in jewelry and other decorative art while life-size figures were kept as artificial ‘footmen’ in doorways. Also referred to as ‘Nubians', this race has been immortalized in décor and jewelry

Large Contemporary Abstract Paintings for Interior Design For a vibrant décor, have no fear of mixing periods and materials to create contrast and intimacy, using colour with texture and height in juxtaposition to volume and weight.  A collector’s house never looks decorated as such because it has given a home to a multitude of objects and paintings of which the diverse origins constitute its vitality. The greatest interior designers of the twentieth century

On 26th September 2017, the auction house giant are holding an exciting auction of the Vivien Leigh Collection, and as huge fans of the iconic actress, we had to take a look at the Sotheby's catalogue. With an outstanding collection of film memorabilia and artworks, the Vivien Leigh Collection also offers an impressive array of furniture and decorative arts from the film star's private collections. As a woman of good taste

It's Friday, and if you're like us, you've had a hectic week - you've faced the pressure of deadlines, had innumerate meetings, and are feeling the heat in the city this August. Come 5pm on a Friday, you're ready to leapfrog out of the office, find your respective friends/colleagues, bag a table at a bar and order yourself a very large, cool beverage. Cocktails, as far as we are concerned, are