The Royal Hunt Cup, Ascot 1955, Dunhill horse racing table lighter Post by Daisy Watson The blurred outline of a transparent lighter rests in the foreground of a photograph, sitting at its allocated place on a table. Its reflective raisable arm is lifted, half-lit, only just distinguishable from a black striped blazer it borders. Although out of focus, this lighter is unmistakably important. Prominent in the position it holds within the photograph,

An antique marble pedestal column is made up of a circular or fluted shaft, a turned and stepped base and some may have fixed or rotating capitals, Corinthian, Ionic, Tuscan or Doric or none at all. Antique pedestal columns are designed to provide an elevated stand to display prized antique statues and fine marble busts, as well as a range of other antique items too. The marble column has been

During the eighteenth century, the ‘Grand Tour’ became an obligatory requirement of aristocratic status and refinement for men and women alike. The idea was that the journey, which could take over three years, would educate the individual in the ways of the world; culture, history, and sociability. Moreover, the studious observer would be able to recount their experiences to those less fortunate who were unable to travel, which therefore encouraged

Post by Daisy Watson The snake is a key figure in several symbolic universes and a hotbed of aesthetic activity. For thousands of years, the motif of the snake has been applied to the decorative arts across the world, in almost every civilisation, culture, and time period. Whilst there appears to be many commonalities in the snake's symbolic interpretation, there are also many differences. The history of man’s relationship with

Prehen House, 18th Century Irish Georgian Manor House Post by Daisy Watson A brief and sweeping history of the Georgian and Regency style The Georgian era of design, the dominant style of the 18th Century, has become one of the most admired of all historical periods, defined by its consistency of character, order, logic, and elegance. It is a style that can be divided into two main groups. The earliest phase belongs to the