Frédéric de Luca b.1949

Frédéric de Luca, born in 1949, is a French artist with a diverse background in the creative arts. After graduating from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art in Paris, he began his career as a fabric designer, where he developed a strong affinity for the medium of gouache. De Luca’s career spans various realms of design. He has worked as a knitwear designer and later ventured into shoe design for prestigious Italian shoe companies.

In 1983, de Luca founded the Parisian design gallery En Attendant les Barbares. This gallery specialized in limited editions of furniture, lighting, and ceramics by young designers who later became notable names in the design world, such as Mattia Bonetti, Elizabeth Garouste, Eric Schmitt, Jacques Jarrige, and Fabienne Jouvin. These designers were known for their imaginative use of color and unconventional materials, bringing a fresh perspective to design during that time.

Later in his career, de Luca returned to his initial passion for painting, focusing on creating powerful geometric compositions in gouache. These works are characterized by their vibrant colors, dynamic movement, and imaginative expression. His artistic journey reflects a continuous exploration of various forms of expression, from textile and furniture design to bold and innovative ceramic creations, and finally, to his vividly expressive paintings.


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