JB Hedouin

Jean-Baptiste Hedouin was an esteemed 18th-century French cabinetmaker and marquetry inlayer based in Paris. Granted master status on May 22, 1738, he established his workshop on rue Traversière-Saint-Antoine. Hedouin was renowned for producing high-quality furniture pieces, including commodes, secretaries adorned with various marquetry work, often featuring geometric motifs typical of the Louis XV style. Despite the limited information on Hedouin’s life, his craftsmanship speaks volumes about his skill and the era he lived in.

After achieving his master’s title, Hedouin set up his workshop on rue Traversière-Saint-Antoine, where he crafted furniture of exceptional quality. His creations were predominantly in the Régence and Louis XV styles, featuring intricate veneers in patterns or grids. His repertoire included wardrobes, flat and slant-top desks, bookcases, and more, but commodes were the mainstay of his production. Most of these commodes bore the bulbous and heavy forms characteristic of the Régence style, while others exhibited lighter, curved lines highlighted with gilded bronzes.

Among Hedouin’s diverse works, two pieces stand out as significantly different from his usual style: a pair of tiered corner pieces in Chinese lacquer and European polychrome varnish, framed with rocaille bronze decorations. It is believed that Hedouin also collaborated with merchants, as some furniture pieces have been found bearing his stamp alongside that of his contemporary, Migeon.

Jean-Baptiste Hedouin passed away in 1783 in his home on rue Traversiere-Saint-Antoine after a long and fruitful career.


Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Lyon: Features a marquetry corner piece veneered with violet wood leaves, adorned with chiseled and gilded bronzes. The lower crosspiece has a dynamic shape, and the marble top is molded. The furniture, semi-circular in shape, opens with two doors and includes two shelves inside. It’s veneered with leaf segments forming a diamond pattern around the central bronze mascarons on the doors. The bronze decorations include a base, falls, corner motifs, etc. The bronzes appear to have been regilded and possibly added later. This corner piece is stamped twice with Hedouin’s mark – N°MAD1542.

Musée du Louvre: Houses a small Louis XV commode marquetted with flowers and adorned with rocaille bronze ornaments.


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Jean-Baptiste Hedouin’s work remains a testament to the rich tradition of French furniture craftsmanship, reflecting the elegance and sophistication of the 18th century. His legacy continues to be celebrated and studied through his surviving pieces and their presence in prestigious museums.


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