Lorenzo Bartolini

Lorenzo Bartolini (1777–1850), an Italian sculptor, made a significant mark in the realm of neoclassical art, yet with a distinctive touch that set him apart from his contemporaries. Born in Prato and later making Florence his home, Bartolini’s journey through the arts took him from his homeland to the vibrant artistic landscapes of Florence and Paris. Under his skilled hands, neoclassicism was infused with a rich blend of sentimental piety and naturalistic detail, drawing heavily from the sculpture of the Florentine Renaissance, an era he admired over the dominating influence of Antonio Canova.

Bartolini’s career was notable not only for the mastery of his craft but also for the illustrious clientele he attracted, including Napoleon Bonaparte and his family. His relationship with Napoleon and his sister Elisa Baciocchi, a fervent admirer of his work, led to significant commissions that bolstered his reputation across Europe. Noteworthy among these is the colossal bust of Napoleon and a grand monument to Elisa Baciocchi, envisioned as Minerva, a testament to Bartolini’s skill in portraying historical figures with a blend of grandeur and intricate detail.

During the early 19th century, Bartolini’s talent also captivated the fashionable and wealthy British citizens residing in Florence, further solidifying his status as one of Europe’s leading Grand Tour sculptors. His work from this period, including the enchanting portrayal of “The Campbell Sisters Dancing a Waltz,” reflects the vivacity and elegance of Art Nouveau, a movement that he embraced and contributed to with his unique artistic voice.

After the fall of Napoleon, Bartolini chose Florence as his final residence, where he continued to create and inspire until his death in 1850. Today, his legacy is preserved in the timeless beauty of his sculptures, which continue to captivate art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. His ability to blend neoclassical ideals with the emotive depth and detail drawn from Renaissance influences stands as a beacon of his genius, ensuring his place in the annals of art history as a sculptor of profound talent and vision.


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