Maison Bagues

Maison Baguès stands as a paragon of French elegance and luxury, with a storied heritage that commenced in 1860. Founded by Noël Baguès, this venerable company has become an emblem of refined interior design and exemplary craftsmanship.

Foundational Craftsmanship:
The cornerstone of Maison Baguès’s enduring success lies in its steadfast commitment to traditional techniques, a legacy initiated by founder Noël Baguès. This dedication to age-old craftsmanship has cemented the firm’s reputation for unparalleled quality and excellence.

Eminence in Luxurious Creations:
Renowned for their luxurious and meticulously crafted pieces, Maison Baguès excels in utilizing premium materials such as crystal, bronze, and Murano glass. This is particularly evident in their illustrious lighting collections, which embody the quintessence of opulent design.

Signature Aesthetic:
Maison Baguès is celebrated for its distinctive metalwork, a hallmark feature that lends an immediate recognition to its designs. While originally famed for their exquisite lighting solutions, the company has also expanded its repertoire to include elegant furniture and decorative accessories, each bearing the unmistakable Baguès aesthetic.

Preservation and Innovation:
Continuing its venerable tradition, Maison Baguès remains devoted to preserving its rich heritage while embracing contemporary design innovations. Their commitment is evidenced not only in the production of new pieces but also in the meticulous restoration of antique items. As showcased on esteemed platforms like 1stDibs, Maison Baguès’s offerings are revered as the epitome of classic French lighting and metalwork.

Maison Baguès captivates aficionados and collectors alike with its unwavering commitment to beauty, quality, and timeless elegance, ensuring its place as a beacon of French luxury and craftsmanship.


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