Nicholas Wells Antiques

Nicholas Wells Antiques: A Hub of Historical Craftsmanship

Nicholas Wells Antiques, founded in 2012 and based in London, specializes in high-quality antique furniture, works of art, and collectibles. They are known for their exceptional collection, catering to a discerning international clientele with a taste for rare and exquisite pieces.

Specialization in Antique Furniture

The dealership is particularly celebrated for its selection of antique furniture ideal for English country houses. Their collection spans several centuries and includes centre tables, convex mirrors, chairs, and cabinets, each selected for its unique appeal and quality.

Expertise in Georgian Furniture

Nicholas Wells Antiques has an expert eye for Georgian furniture, renowned for its fine British craftsmanship from the 18th and 19th centuries. This period is a focal point of their collection, highlighting the timeless beauty of these pieces.

Noteworthy Sales and Discoveries

The dealership has a track record of notable sales, including remarkable pieces like the Nizam of Hyderabad’s presentation sword and the Ali Khan Dunhill Aquarium, once gifted by Sir Winston Churchill. They’ve also made significant discoveries such as the Lorenzo Bartolini Chatsworth Tazza and a pair of Blue John Atheniennes attributed to Thomas Hope.

Diverse and Rich Collection

With over 600 works from various cultures spanning 300 years, Nicholas Wells Antiques offers an impressive range of antiques. Their collection encompasses furniture, lighting, arms & armour, clocks, Grand Tour items, and Oceanic artifacts, appealing to a wide range of collectors and enthusiasts.


Nicholas Wells Antiques is a respected source for anyone looking to acquire antiques of exceptional quality and historical significance. Their carefully curated collection, expertise in Georgian furniture, and history of significant sales and discoveries make them a standout in the world of antique dealing.


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