Pauly & C (founded in 1902)

Pauly & C. – Compagnia Venezia Murano stands as a venerable institution within the storied tradition of Murano glassmaking in Italy. With a foundation stretching back over a century and a half, it has cultivated a distinguished legacy in the realm of fine glass art. The company is celebrated for its array of remarkable contributions:

Roman Murrine: Distinctively recognized for its Roman murrine glasswork, Pauly & C. showcases glass pieces adorned with complex patterns and a spectrum of vibrant hues. These intricate murrine creations are highly sought after by collectors and admired by art aficionados for their beauty and craftsmanship.

Mosaics: Demonstrating a profound expertise in mosaic art, Pauly & C. is adept at creating breathtaking mosaics that captivate and embellish various settings with their precision and artistry.

Chandeliers: The company is also famed for its sophisticated and intricate chandeliers, which bring a touch of elegance and artistic excellence to luxurious interiors, marrying traditional techniques with a creative vision.

The genesis of Pauly & C. can be traced to the union of Pauly & C. (established in 1902) and the Compagnia di Venezia e Murano (established in 1866), a merger that unified distinct artistic talents and visions under one banner, thereby reinforcing Pauly & C.’s stature as a leading force in glassmaking. Throughout its history, the company has further broadened its artistic reach by incorporating other esteemed glassworks into its fold, including Toso Vetri d’Arte, enriching its repertoire and reinforcing its legacy in the world of glass artistry.

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