Perry & Co

Perry & Co., renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship in cut glass chandeliers, lustres, and candelabra, represents a pinnacle of artistic achievement in the 19th-century British glassworks scene. Their story is one of legacy, innovation, and royal patronage, rooted deeply in the heart of London’s luxury goods market.

Founding and Ascendancy

Established in 1817 on the prestigious New Bond Street, London, Perry & Co. traced its origins to an earlier venture, Parker and Perry, founded by William Parker in 1756. This initial foray into the world of glassmaking set the stage for what would become a hallmark of excellence in the industry. The firm’s association with members of the Royal family, including supplying the Prince of Wales at Carlton House, underscored the esteemed stature Perry & Co. enjoyed among the aristocracy and wealthy patrons of the era.

A Legacy of Leadership

The year 1822 marked a significant milestone for the company, as William Perry introduced his nephew George into the business, thereafter operating as William and George Perry. This generational transition was a testament to the family’s dedication to their craft and their vision for the firm’s future. William Perry’s retirement in 1841 saw the addition of George’s brother, Richard, to the firm, further cementing the Perry family’s legacy in the annals of British glassmaking.

Locations of Prestige

Perry & Co.’s operations remained at New Bond Street until 1890, a location synonymous with luxury and high society in London. Their subsequent move to Grafton Street did not diminish their reputation or the demand for their unparalleled glass creations. Each piece, from the grandeur of their chandeliers to the delicate intricacies of their candelabra, reflects the zenith of craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal that Perry & Co. consistently achieved.

An Enduring Legacy

The enduring legacy of Perry & Co. is encapsulated not only in the physical beauty of their works but also in the historical significance they hold as artifacts of a bygone era of opulence and artistry. For those seeking to delve deeper into the history and impact of Perry & Co., M. Mortimer’s book, “The English Chandelier” (Suffolk, 2000), offers a comprehensive exploration of their contributions to the world of glass art and craftsmanship.

Perry & Co.’s journey through the 19th century showcases their unwavering commitment to excellence, their adaptability to changing times, and their significant role in defining the standards of luxury glassworks in Britain and beyond. Their creations remain a testament to the skill, creativity, and visionary spirit of the artisans who shaped the legacy of Perry & Co., illuminating the annals of art history with the sparkle of cut glass.

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