Furniture feet featuring animal motifs were a popular trend in the 17th and 18th centuries. One of the most iconic designs was the claw and ball, which featured eagle or dragon talons clasping a ball. This style was often crafted from mahogany or walnut and was commonly seen on tables, chairs, and stools. The ball and claw design was first introduced in the Georgian era and remains a popular design to this day.

The ball and claw symbol is a popular motif in many cultures and has a variety of meanings. In Chinese culture, it is a symbol of power and strength, and is often used to represent the power of a ruler or the strength of a family. In the West, the symbol is often associated with royalty and is seen as a sign of wealth and power. The symbol is also seen as a representation of protection and security, as the claws are seen as a symbol of protection from harm. Additionally, the ball is often seen as a symbol of completeness and unity, as the two elements are seen as a perfect combination. The ball and claw symbol is a powerful and meaningful symbol that has been used for centuries to represent power, strength, protection, and unity.

Early 18th century silver table with boldly carved claw and ball feet.