Verde Antico

“Verde Antico” is a type of marble that originated from Greece. It’s a serpentine rock, also known as ophicalcite marble, characterised by its rich, green hue interspersed with streaks of white. The name “Verde Antico” is Italian and translates to “ancient green”, reflecting its long history of use in the decorative arts.

The term “Antico” in this context refers to the ancient or antiquity period. This term underscores the stone’s historical use and is a reference to the longstanding tradition of using this type of marble in architecture and decorative arts, dating back to ancient times. Verde Antico was particularly esteemed in Ancient Rome, where it was often used for columns, flooring, and other architectural elements.

As a serpentine rock, Verde Antico exhibits a certain level of flexibility and resistance to shattering, which has made it a desirable material for carving. Its distinctive deep green colouration also sets it apart from many other types of marble, making it a sought-after choice for designers and architects.

Even today, Verde Antico marble continues to be highly valued for its aesthetic appeal and historical significance, gracing a range of settings from luxury interiors to museum exhibits.


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