Antiques Near Me | London, New Orleans, Texas, Paris | A Poem

In London town, a treasure trove,
Of antiques rare from lands afar,
Parisian glamour, Texas bold,
Ohio’s warmth, and Cleveland’s charm.

From New York’s hustle to California’s sun,
And San Francisco’s foggy bay,
Georgian furniture, elegant and grand,
In stately homes it finds its way.

Antique lighting, table lamps aglow,
And chandeliers that shimmer bright,
Casting a warm and welcoming glow,
Through the darkest hours of the night.

Dining chairs, chairs, and armchairs too,
Each with a story to reveal,
Whispers of history, tales of the past,
As they adorn a room with timeless appeal.

Drinks trolleys, bar carts, a touch of class,
For cocktail hours with friends and kin,
A toast to memories, old and new,
As laughter fills the air within.

French antique furniture, oh so chic,
With intricate marquetry and gilt details,
Adding flair and grace to any space,
A touch of Parisian magic that never fails.

Chinese antique furniture, rich and bold,
With lacquered finishes and intricate carvings,
Telling tales of dynasties and ancient lore,
A window to a world so captivating.

English classics, timeless and refined,
With craftsmanship that stands the test of time,
A nod to tradition, a touch of grace,
In every curve, every line.

So let us marvel at these treasures rare,
Of antiques near me, from far and wide,
Each piece with a story, a history to share,
In London, New Orleans, Paris, Texas, and beyond, they reside.

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