Carolean Coronation

Amidst the grandeur of Westminster’s halls,
The Coronation of King Charles III & Queen Camilla calls,
Our third Carolean King of Great Britain & Northern Ireland,
A reign of splendor to come forth.

On May 6th, in regal attire,
Amidst trumpets and drums, and the crowd’s desire,
The gilded horse-drawn carriage, with soldiers in tow,
Through the streets of London, the procession will go.

Hundreds of horses, in perfect array,
Marking the way on this momentous day,
As the courtage passes, lined with people galore,
Flags unfurled, fluttering in the winds of yore.

A moment in time, forever to be,
The coronation of Charles III, a sight to see,
A new chapter in the annals of history,
A reign of promise, a future of mystery.

May the trumpets blaze, and the drums resound,
As the King of Great Britain is crowned,
A day of joy, a day of pride,
As our Carolean King & Queen, take their stride.