English Country House Interior Trends – Get the Look

Finding the best antiques to fit and embody your English country house interior can be a struggle, but, it doesn’t have to be. That’s why at Nicholas Wells Antiques we select items, whether it’s Chinoiserie furniture, Georgian cabinets or French accessories, that not only showcase classic style and unique craftsmanship but also shine in a multitude of interiors.


If you need proof, we took some inspiration from the interior of the Wellington Suite at Belvoir Castle, which was featured in Veranda Magazine and picked some of our antiques to match the unique interior.

The interior features a mix of styles, mostly Chinoiserie, Chinese and classical English country house style. You might be wondering, what is Chinoiserie? What are Chinoiserie antiques and how can they complement your English interior? Put simply, the Chinoiserie style came about in the 17th century and was inspired by Europe’s fascination with Asia, mainly China. Buying scarce exorbitant Chinese goods was a luxury only a few people could afford. So European craftsmen created Chinoiserie designs which were European imitations of Chinese design, artistry and architecture. When it comes to Chinoiserie furniture and antiques think of dragons, natural landscapes, floral patterns and extravagant scenery. A prime example of the Chinoiserie style can be found at Brighton’s Royal Pavilion.

Wellington Suite at Belvoire Castle, Featured in Veranda Magazine

Now let’s go through some of our antiques that go with this magnificent English country house interior.

Oval Centre Table Attributed to Holland & Sons

The Chinoiserie wallpaper at Belvoir Castle is impressive, but the central table is magnificent and we have something just as special. We have paired our impressive Oval Centre Table with this interior. It is a piece of classical English furniture, incorporating highly sought-after woods such as Thuya Wood, Circassian Walnut and Satinwood. You do not always need Chinoiserie furniture to embody the Chinoiserie style.

19th Century Oval Wall Mirror

Every room needs a standout eye-catcher and this exquisite 19th century oval chinoiserie mirror is sure to do the trick. Just like the mirror above the mantlepiece, its golden colour makes for a mesmerising contrast to both the wallpaper and furniture. We have a range of 19th century antiques for every room and interior.

Chinoiserie Giltwood Wall Mirror

This Chinoiserie Giltwood Wall Mirror is another great piece that matches this interior. It is an excellent option if you prefer an elongated wall mirror rather than a circular one. The decoration is rich with naturalistic detail combined with a Chinoiserie pagoda at the top. This mirror is one of a kind, but it also looks good with Chinoiserie furniture.

Looking for an antique mirror? Explore our range of excellent mirrors and read about the charm of genuine antique mirrors.

Regency X Frame Parcel Gilt Stool

You can’t have such a lovely desk without something comfy and trendy to sit on and just like the Belvoir Castel stool, we have something just as exquisite. This Regency X Frame Gilt Stool is an almost perfect match. It’s stylish, elegant and smart.

Ebonised And Brass Regency Desk Chair

We’ve matched this Ebonised and Brass Regency Desk Chair with this interior. It’s simple yet fantastic. Its scroll arms would bring character and charm to any interior, especially this one. Whilst not Chinoiserie furniture, this chair is still an excellent addition to this interior.

Pair of Regency Parcel Gilt Armchairs

This Pair of Regency Parcel Gilt Armchairs is great for any interior and we think they would look lovely around a beautiful middle table. These would also be a great match for the Black and Gilt Lacquered Table Lamp mentioned at the beginning of the article.

A Gilt Bronze Ottoman Mantle Clock

The Wellington Suite has some beautiful mantlepieces – candle sticks and a period clock. That’s why we’ve matched our very own Gilt Bronze Ottoman Orientalist Mantle Clock with this interior. Just like the oval mirror, the gold colour of the clock certainly catches the eye. If the patterned design wasn’t pretty enough, the seated lady on the clock is majestic and tops off this masterpiece.

Green Decalcomania Chinoiserie Vase Antique Table Lamp

Let’s point out the obvious – the wallpaper is beautiful. That’s why we have selected this impressive Chinoiserie Vase Antique Table Lamp to match it. The lamp’s light green colour is a typical Chinoiserie furniture and design and we think it would fit excellently on an occasional table in this interior. 

Chinoiserie Black and Gilt Lacquered Table Lamp

Rooms often need more than one lamp. That’s why we’ve also paired this beautiful Chinoiserie Black and Gilt Lacquered Table Lamp with this interior. It’s dark colour is a beautiful contrast to Chinoiserie furniture and light wallpaper.

Interested in finding the best table lamp for your interior? Discover more about selecting antique table lamps for your interiors.

Just like we have paired many of our antiques with the interior design of the Wellington Suite at Belvoir Castle, we have a wide selection of impressive and high-quality antiques that can fit in and bring out the best in any interior

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