Large Contemporary Abstract Paintings for Interior Design

Large Contemporary Abstract Paintings for Interior Design

For a vibrant décor, have no fear of mixing periods and materials to create contrast and intimacy, using colour with texture and height in juxtaposition to volume and weight. 
A collector’s house never looks decorated as such because it has given a home to a multitude of objects and paintings of which the diverse origins constitute its vitality. The greatest interior designers of the twentieth century were very knowledgeable in art history and understood how elegance is achieved by mixing genres – juxtaposing an 18th Century mahogany table with large modern abstract paintings or placing Chinese porcelain on a Jacobean chest, an African mask on an Art Déco console.
Size and contrast matter very much. Oversized contemporary paintings have long replaced tapestries to give depth. A large modern abstract painting over a sofa makes a bold statement. A painting with perspective creates the illusion of space, especially in smaller rooms. The masters of interior design have steered away from the tired traditional décor and gone for the unexpected, the strikingly different. Once the eye is trained, what at first appeared shocking is seen for its originality and worth.
Pascal Bost sees himself as an architect who paints. He graduated from the École Camondo, the famous French school of interior design, where he studied the history of architecture, design and decorative arts.
He paints large abstract mixed media canvases, often with a rough texture, ranging from 1,20 to 4 meters in length or height, including diptychs and triptychs which can be split to accommodate a room.

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