Really excited about my discovery with Pascal Bost!

Just back from France where I went to meet Pascal Bost in his studio for lunch. He’s a great cook, not surprising since cuisine and art have long been close allies – the love of ingredients and pigments and experimenting!
A great many artists have been fabulous cooks, but, being vegetarian, I had asked him to prepare me a simple meal of soup and goat cheese, so that we would not lose time. Amazing how a courgette soup can taste so good when expertly prepared! And the delectable selection of cheeses was to die for. A simple feast!
 My eye was caught by a quantity of rolled up canvases. I love to rummage. He was a bit reluctant to show them as they were old work and had been stored for more than ten years. Nevertheless, I insisted and I’m glad I did. What a discovery!
These works, painted with pigments and mixed media, are still in perfect condition. The colours are soft yet vibrant and the mat effect is like a fresco. The scale is ideal, too: 150 cm x 120 cm (approx 59 x 42 inches), perfect for furnishing, as you can make out by the photos I took with my phone.
I have asked to have the canvases mounted on chassis so they can be delivered as a finished product. As soon as we know the cost, photos of the paintings will be published on the website under Wall Hangings, Pascal Bost.
That evening at dinner, I showed these photos to my art lover friends who all have great taste, and the appreciation was unanimous.
Large Contemporary Abstract Paintings for Interior Design
Pascal Bost – I am an architect who paints