Selecting Antique Table Lamps for Your Interiors

Selecting Antique Table Lamps from Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd. for Your Interior, Style, and Collection

The most memorable and beautiful spaces often combine modern and classic design creating a sense of artful arrangement, and flow, while as well generating comfort and livability. Indeed, eclecticism is at the root of the extraordinary fascination we have with the traditional interiors of country houses, castles and city residences. The admixture of periods, colour, texture and styles allow a narrative to unfold that is rich, detailed and full of endless story and imagination. Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd. understands the appeal of this cultured sensibility and offers a fine selection of modern and antique table lamps for your interior.

Vintage Wisteria Table Lamp after the original by Tiffany Studios, New York

Think of the beauty of a handwoven rug in cool colours, offset by the sumptuous beauty of an antique table, soft furnishings, and the angular sculptural elegance of a modernist lamp. Or perhaps, the lush layering of items such as a fine painting, offset by a Chinoiserie vase converted to an antique table lamp, distinguished by its placement of a carved ebony wood table from the 19th century.

At Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd., discerning choices may range from antique table lamps, converted Chinese porcelain and vases, candlesticks, as well as classic modernist pieces made from wrought iron, ceramic and other materials. Placing your antique lamp on a modern table is an excellent way to showcase its unique beauty, and by extension, a geometric lighting piece can bring character to a more historic space as well. Allow some space around every arrangement in order to create balance and symmetry.

Consider the function of your antique table lamps, is it to illuminate reading, or create an elegant or welcoming atmosphere? Perhaps the purpose is primarily decorative, an exceptional antique piece while functional may take a central place in your interior.

At Nicholas Wells Ltd, we have an exclusive inventory of antique table lamps that suit any décor and can be custom selected to complement your current architectural space and collection.


Interior photos courtesy of Mark Gillette Interior Architecture and Design
Mark Gillette Interior Architecture and Design

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