If you put the whole package together you will come up with someone who does not welcome or seek after long self-contemplation in the mirror. This is particularly ironic as I have quite a few exceptional antique mirrors and I love buying them!

The Charm of Genuine Antique Mirrors

The Charm of Genuine Antique Mirrors Exceptionally beautiful and unique antique mirrors evoke a sense of accomplished craftsmanship, detailed and expressive carving as well as intricate emblems and patterning. Such iconic pieces hold their own in historic architectural spaces, and as complementary pieces when arranged with art collections as well. Interior decorators frequently choose mirrors for extending […]

Interior Decorating with Antique Mirrors

Interior Decorating with Antique Mirrors The antique mirror is an iconic decorating object, a unique embellishment that exists somewhere between artwork and furnishing. The most creative and well-regarded interior designers almost always include an antique mirror or group of mirrors as a finishing touch, a tasteful and elegant way to create a sense of opulence and character. Rare antique mirrors are of course […]