An antique marble pedestal column is made up of a circular or fluted shaft, a turned and stepped base and some may have fixed or rotating capitals, Corinthian, Ionic, Tuscan or Doric or none at all. Antique pedestal columns are designed to provide an elevated stand to display prized antique statues and fine marble busts, as well as a range of other antique items too. The marble column has been used as a classical architectural device since the Greeks and before, they have qualities and references that empathically symbolize strength, longevity, and power.

Another great use for marble pedestal columns is to add an ornate decorative appeal to any interior design. In the most part, the marble antique pedestal columns that we offer for sale in London are made from rare Italian and French Marble which are mainly in the antique Georgian or early 19th Century Regency style. The fine materials of our antique pedestal marble columns are not only highly desirable but are truly beautiful and breathtaking too.

Of course, you can use your sculpture pedestal columns primarily to display antique statuary marble portrait busts or grand tour sculptures, but their use is not limited to this, you can also find that they are incredibly useful as a stand for an antique clock, antique lamps or perhaps even a beautiful vase filled with flowers too. The possibilities really are endless.