Historically, the purpose of an antique torchere was to hold candlelit candelabras as a source of light. For such an important purpose of illumination, the designs and creations were rich and varied.

These floor-standing antique light stands are designed to hold candlesticks and candelabras, they can be used singly or as a pair to symmetry and framing to an interior on either side of a door or either side of a commode with giltwood mirror behind.

Just like our antique pedestal columns, the early antique torcheres that we sell are also made from rare materials, being of a finer and lighter design, the materials of choice was fine imported mahogany wood, ebony, and satinwood, which could take the carving and details required by the likes of Thomas Chippendale and his 18th-century contemporaries. Together with period commodes and seating, torcheres continue to elevate and add symmetry to interior designs.

Pair of 18th century white and gold torcheres


So, if you want to make sure that your interior scheme is the very best that it can be, why not take a look at the amazing antique columns and torcheres?

Nicholas Wells Antiques proudly offer some of the very finest antique pedestal columns and antique torcheres, selected for their rarity, condition, quality and decorative merit for your interior design schemes.

Contact us to arrange to view our antique furniture in central London.

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