Georgian Antique Furniture

Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd is renowned for its exceptional collection of 18th-century Georgian antique furniture, catering to collectors, interior designers, and enthusiasts alike. Our expert team globally sources the finest Georgian pieces, offering diverse fine English furniture styles to our discerning clients. Our online gallery showcases English Georgian furniture, ranging from rare finds to classic staples, including elegant sideboards, Chippendale armchairs, and grand dining tables.

Our distinct edge lies in our unwavering dedication to authenticity, quality, and provenance, ensuring each piece not only meets our high standards but also retains its original allure. Our skilled restorers guarantee every item is in prime condition, ready for immediate use and enjoyment.

Beyond our impressive Georgian furniture selection, Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd provides bespoke services, including restoration, upholstery, and shipping advice, aiding clients in crafting bespoke interiors. For unparalleled quality and expertise in Georgian antique furniture, explore Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd and immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Georgian design.


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