Lines Bros Triang Rocking Horse

A fine early 20th century Lines Brothers Tri-ang Dapple Grey Rocking Horse is a classic children’s toy from the early 1900s. Lines Brothers was a British toy manufacturer that produced a range of toys, including rocking horses, under the Triang brand.

This particular rocking horse is made of beech wood, with a dapple grey finish that mimics the coat of a real horse. It has a carved head with realistic features, such as glass eyes, and a flowing mane and tail made of real horsehair. The horse sits on a sturdy wooden frame that is designed to rock back and forth, providing hours of entertainment for young children.

These rocking horses were popular among British children in the early 20th century, and are now considered collector’s items. A fine example of a Lines Brothers Triang Dapple Grey Rocking Horse would be in excellent condition, with minimal signs of wear or damage, and would likely fetch a high price at auction or in a private sale.

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