Pair of Regency Bronze Floor Lamps

Antique Bronze Standard Lamps: A Legacy of Benington Lordship

The allure of these Regency bronze standard lamps is magnified not only by their classical beauty but also by their storied origin from the esteemed Benington Lordship in Hertfordshire. Originally crafted as oil lamps around 1832, these pieces have since been sensitively converted to electricity, preserving their historical essence while adapting to modern utility. Each lamp stands at an impressive height of approximately 70 inches, embodying the grandeur of the Regency period’s design ethos.

Architectural Harmony and Design

Raised on robust tripod bases with elegant paw feet, these floor lamps feature tapered triangular supports adorned with finely detailed anthemions—a motif reflective of the era’s fascination with Greco-Roman aesthetics. The bases uphold reeded columns, an architectural nod that enhances their verticality, leading the eye upwards to the flared and fluted circular tops. These elements culminate in a design that is both ornate and balanced, offering a sculptural quality that enriches their surroundings.

Provenance and Historical Significance

The standard lamps’ provenance is intrinsically linked to a significant phase of architectural development at Benington Lordship, under the patronage of George Proctor. Proctor, notable for his keen interest in architectural advancements, commissioned the renowned local architect Thomas Smith to remodel the estate. Smith, whose works are celebrated for their precision and adherence to Neo-Gothic and Neo-Norman styles, also crafted the iconic gatehouse known as the folly. This pair of historic standard lamps likely illuminated key social and familial gatherings, bearing witness to the estate’s evolution and the lifestyles of its inhabitants through the centuries.

Integration into Modern Interiors

Today, these Regency standard lamps serve as more than mere sources of light; they are pieces of history that offer a tangible connection to the past. Their dark patinated bronze construction not only ensures durability but also provides visual stability that enriches any contemporary or traditional interior. As functional luminaries, these bronze floor lamps bring the elegance of Regency aesthetics into the 21st-century home, offering ample illumination, architectural integrity, and a provenance that inspires.

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Pair of Regency Bronze Floor Lamps

Regency Bronze Standard Lamps | Pair

Stock Number: 44456

A pair of Regency bronze standard lamps originally for oil and now converted for electricity. Of classical design, each raised on three paw feet supporting a tapered triangular base with athemions in the reserves, the bases supporting reeded columns leading to flared circular tops with foliate details to the underside and tops and current lamp fittings.
  • Height (Approximate): 178 cm (70 inches)


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  • Height (Approximate): 178 cm (70 inches)


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