Interior design services

The art of designing interior spaces with antiques cannot be easily mastered. There is particular philosophy adopted by designers and clients when it comes to creating intelligent interiors, a philosophy that balances a dichotomy of the old and the new. Pieces of the past hold as much value for their nostalgic merit as their placement within a space. Through careful juxtaposition, historic detailing, and a celebration of the unique, antiques will exude sophistication and erudition into your interior.

Far too often, interiors are dehumanised in the absence of antiques. An intelligent interior honours the past and champions the assemblage of different eras within one space.

Here at Nicholas Wells Antiques, we want to help navigate you on your journey of creating your own intelligent, timeless interiors. This begins with an in-depth understanding of different periods of art and design. With our expertise in various styles and periods, from Georgian furniture to French Empire, Biedermeier to Oceanic art, our strength lies in our ability to curate interiors that will amplify the proud history of our pieces.

We feel that with our new interior design service, we can bridge the missing link between those who wish to adorn their interiors with valuable, unique antiques, but also desire the ease of specialist advice and sourcing. With our years of expertise, contacts, and connections, we want to offer the opportunity to curate intelligent interiors and beautiful spaces that stay true to each client’s personal  style.

We have expertise in a broad range of restoration requirements including:

  • Cabinet making
  • Polishing
  • Gilding
  • Fine Art: Oils and Watercolours
  • Paint Finishes
  • Lighting

An emporium with a diverse range of antique furniture & collectibles

An emporium with a diverse range of antique furniture & collectibles We acquired a Georgian drum table from Nicholas Wells Antiques website and were afforded a most professional and comprehensive service by Nicholas from the point of sale right through to the delivery of the item.
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