Important 19Th Century Carved Marble Sculpture Of Young Bacchus On Carved Fluted Marble Pedestal By Professore Giuseppe Lazzerini

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Important & Extremely Rare 19th Century Carved White Marble Figure of Young Bacchus As Autumn By Professore Giuseppe Lazzerini, Circa 1862 on a 19th Century Revolving Top Fluted & Carved Marble Plinth.

The rarity & attention to detail on this wonderful carved & impressive piece cannot be overstated. The figure of the young Bacchus standing head tilted slightly forward & downward seemingly in reflective thought, with ribbon tied around his neck, dressed in a robe draped with right shoulder & arm free, tied with a sash at the waist, carrying grapes with their vine leaves in his right hand, lifting his robe & the grapes attached to the vine branch in his left hand, standing in front of a naturalistically carved cut vine base, signed PROF. GIUSEPPE LAZZERINI. It is without question one of the finest examples you will see, standing atop a powerful, grand  & majestic revolving top marble plinth.

Height in Total: 67.25 inches

Figure Height: 33.75 inches
Figure Width: 15.75 inches

Pedestal Height: 33.5 inches
Pedestal Diameter: 21.5 inches

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Giuseppe Lazzerini the Younger ( Italian 1831 -1895 ) was a celebrated Carrarese sculptor. He was a member of an esteemed family of sculptors that ran a marble workshop in Carrara over multiple generations from 1670 to 1942 . He joined the Accademia di Belle Arti in 1848, during which time he was taught by Ferdinando Pelliccia. In 1853, after winning a scholarship for his marble relief of Patroclus Slaying Sarpedon, he moved to Rome and studied under Pietrò Tenerani. Lazzerini returned to Carrara shortly after 1859 to work in his family's studio in the Corso Rosselli which later he took control of after the death of his half-brother, Alessandro, in 1862. After a distinguished career, the Carrara Academy appointed him as the Director from 1889 to 1893 and then an Honorary Professor in 1894. Lazzerini's catalogue of works includes his own diverse array of subjects and also works in the style of other sculptors both in Italy and abroad. His work clearly reflects the powerful influences of Neoclassicism from his mentor Tenerani, who had been influenced by his teachers Bartolini and Thorwaldsen. In this present work Tenerani's tutelage is visible, seen both in regards to the refined and sophisticated techniques Lazzerini used and in the young attractive Bacchus as the subject he chose. This original piece represented  ''Autumn''  of his ''Figures Of The Seasons'' work created in 1862.  On September 28th 1994, Lot 332, Sotheby's Sussex sold one of the Seasons, without a stand.

Bacchus ( whose Greek name was Dionysus ), as depicted here as a young boy was the Roman God of wine, revels, joy and drama. He was the son of Jupiter ( whose Greek name was Zeus ) the King of the Roman Gods ( Zeus King of the Greek Gods ) and Semele, the daughter of Cadmus. The name Bacchus derives from ''bacca'' meaning berry. Bacchus was the personification of the blessings of nature in general. The name of his festival was ''Bacchanalia'' which has since been used to refer to any forms of drunken revelry. He is revered to bring good luck & good fortune.


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