Pair of 16th Century Hunting Lodge Fresco Panels of Diana, Bacchus and Ariadne

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Pair of 16th century Italian fresco panels depicting Diana Goddess of hunting and Bacchus with Ariadne personifying wine and love.

Height 129cm

Width 180cm

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Both seated opposing the other. Diana holding an arrow and shown with her hunting dogs. Ariadne reclining calmly with a cherub behind her and flowers above. She is flanked by Bacchus and a bacchanalian faun drinking from a large bowl of wine. Further bowls of plump grapes fill the foreground.

This could also be Ceres, but as there is no reference to grain crops and only reference to grapes and wine, with Ariadne and Bacchus. Food, Wine and Love.

These frescoes were possibly part of a hunting lodge interior. The subjects are perfect for such a decorative scheme relevant to the purpose of the building.

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