Thomas Weeks Satinwood Regency Period Personal Mechanical Weighing Scales

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A very rare set of late 18th century weighing scales with extending height measure, made in satinwood cross-banded throughout with kingwood and outlined in boxwood and ebony stringing. With two small hinged trays for weights and raised on a rectangular, leather lined base, having a small brass band at the top of the shaft, engraved ‘Made at Weeks R’ Museum Tichborne Street’. The associated weights in their own brass container marked AB and XVI, VIII, IIII, II, I and the smallest is not marked. Total 31.5Oz.

Height 53in 135cm
Width 13in 33cm
Depth 14.5in 37cm

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Instructions for the Sanctorious Ballance or Standards & Weighing Machine made by Weeks Tichborne St. Piccadilly, Successor to the Late M Merlin. Let the place where it stands be quite even and when you pull the standard up count from the top of the name ‘Weeks’ on the right-hand side.

Should the foot board be out of its situation – by being meddled with improperly  – please to jostle until it takes its proper place; this you will know by the vibrations of the beam. NB Under the point of the ….. Is the stones & pounds, 1 stone, this is equal to two ounces. Should the scale be out of perpendicular you will observe a screw on the counter lever with a nut at the end of it for the purpose of regulating the scale, this turn to the right or the left till you bring it to an equilibrium that should always be correct. Where are also made the Merlins mechanical Gouty Chairs, also the Bath Chairs, with springs or without equal to a Sedan Chair in the first style of workmanship – also curious library Chairs with steps imperceptible invented by Weeks well calculated for exercise, as the will produce perspiration from the nod of the neck to the toe in the course of a few seconds far superior to Dumb Bells used for that purpose – these chairs also answer for high beds.”

Provenance: Hotspur Antiques

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