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Japanese Mythology reveres the deer as messenger to the gods in Shinto. They are sacred and highly esteemed.

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– Japanese Mythology reveres the deer as messenger to the gods in Shinto. They are sacred and highly esteemed.

– This sculpture was gifted by MUKAI Hisatomo, The Mayor of Hashimoto City
(Wakayama Prefecture)

– Designed with traditional Japanese aesthetic principles.
– Cast in bronze using the 6000-year-old lost wax process.

– This example has a particularly rich and consistent patina.
– Dating to the mid-20th-century, this Japanese bronze casting was made, circa 1950 – 60.


Bronze deer by Takenaka Masaharu 竹中正晴 (Masaharu III) b. 1936
Japan, Showa period, 1950’s – 1960’s
Height: 55.5 cm 21 2/3 inches

The Hakogaki inscriptions on the wooden box reads:
– Chudo shika Masaharu-zo 鋳銅 鹿 正晴造 (Cast bronze, deer, made by Masaharu) with
the seal Masaharu 正晴.

– Zo Hashimoto shicho, Mukai Hisatomo. Shuku goshunin, Kokumu daijin, Kagaku
gijutsucho chokan, Genshiryoku iinkacho 贈 橋本市長 向井久朋。祝 御就任、国務
大臣、科学技術庁長官、原子力委員長 (MUKAI Hisatomo, the Mayor of Hashimoto City
(Wakayama Prefecture). Presented on the occasion of the appointment of the Chair of
Atomic Energy Committee, a government minister at the Ministry of Science and

Takenaka Masaharu was the third generation metal artist. His family came from
Takaoka city in Toyama Prefecture. “Masaharu” is the art or go name of the artist.
Masaharu I (whose given name was Chikuosai 竹翁斎) started metal crafting in 1927 and
was based in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. His son, Masaharu II made a metal work
which was purchased by Empress Kojun 香淳皇后, who presented the work to the
Showa Emperor. Masaharu III was awarded by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (now
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). The metal crafting business set up by the
Masaharu family was incorporated in 1959, and is currently trading under the name of
Takenaka Doki 竹中銅器 (Takenaka metal ware), managing director Takenaka Nobuyuki

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