Queen Anne

Queen Anne was the last Stuart monarch of the Kingdom of Great Britain, ruling from 1702 to 1714. She was the daughter of James II and VII and the sister of Mary II. During her reign, she oversaw the union of England and Scotland, forming the Kingdom of Great Britain. Queen Anne was known for her patronage of the arts and sciences, and her reign saw the establishment of the Royal Society, the Bank of England, and the Royal Mint. She also oversaw the War of Spanish Succession, which resulted in Britain’s acquisition of Gibraltar and Minorca. Queen Anne is remembered for her strong leadership and her commitment to the development of the British Empire.

Queen Anne furniture style is a classic, timeless look that has been popular for centuries. It is characterised by cabriole legs, intricate carvings, and softly curved lines. The furniture is usually made of oak with walnut veneers and often features cut gesso and water gilding on beechwood. The style is named after Queen Anne of Great Britain, who reigned from 1702 to 1714. Furniture from the Queen Anne period is highly coveted, its simple yet highly refined forms are pleasing for both collectors and interior designers.

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