Antique mirrors date to a time when most people had never seen one, let alone owned one. Reserved for the most privileged, these labour-intensive luxuries were mounted by the most eminent mirror-makers in the exquisitely carved giltwood frames that we see today.  With mirrors everywhere today, it is easy to forget that these creations are true masterpieces and the result of hundreds of hours of painstaking skilled manual work.

Furnishing with antique mirrors is a great way to enhance and give structure to your interior design scheme. At Nicholas Wells Antiques; we source and stock an expertly curated selection of stunning 17th to 20th-century British and Continental antique mirrors in London.

Antique mirrors are a multipurpose investment, as they are mainly appreciated for their aesthetic value but they are also extremely practical as key focal points. They are of crucial importance for any interior design scheme. Not only do we stock a range of different antique mirrors online, but we also have unique, one-off antique pieces available to purchase in our gallery.

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The mirror, so to say, reflects a certain idea of life. An idea of splendour and beauty onto an interior space. From its conception in Syria 500 AD, its spread throughout the Roman Empire and to the Golden Age of glassmaking in Venice, mirrors were, and still are, the epitome of luxury. Bound up in connotations of love and eros yet also medicine, philosophy and technology. The mirror perfectly treads the line between science and style. No wonder they were thought to hold magical powers.

At Nicholas Wells, our mirrors span periods in which only the most exclusive and wealthy members of society could furnish their houses with expanses of expensive mirrored glass. From coveted Baroque giltwood to enamel dressing table mirrors, our range of rare discoveries are the essential focal point to any interior design scheme.

With over 20 years of experience in the antique industry, at Nicholas Wells Antiques Gallery in London, we boast valuable relationships with antique experts across the world which enables us to provide you with the rarest, most exclusive antique mirrors and furniture. From vintage wall mirrors to Victorian vanity mirrors and Art Deco mirrors; our incredible antique mirror collection offer superior quality and unique designs to suit the most demanding client’s needs.

Whether you require an 18th-century dressing table mirror or are looking for the perfect Queen Anne Gesso mirror to complete your bedroom interior design scheme; we’ve almost certainly got the piece you are looking for! We also sell antique tables and antique seating to accompany your preferred choice of antique or vintage mirror.

Every single item on our website also comes with a valuation certificate for insurance purposes and we provide a range of different delivery options to British and international clients.

If you’re interested in a specific antique mirror that we stock or would like some more information about any other products on our website, please get in touch now – we’d love to hear from you!


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