Antique Lighting

Choosing antique lighting should not be a matter of impressing others, but rather of satisfying your own taste. You  plan to furnish a dream home with desirable period rooms filled with antique furniture that are not only comfortable but also beautifully illuminated with interesting, distinct antique table lamps and luminaries. Please, let’s not do ordinary, look for something fabulous!

By using key lighting and focal points in your interior designs, you can create a peaceful and unique abode tailored to meet your needs and enhance your lifestyle, comfort, and happiness.

Create theatre and ambience

As soon as your interior designer has agreed on the flow of the rooms with you and the locations for furniture, paintings, sculpture and decorations have been agreed upon. You will be thoroughly considering all the antique lighting options available to you.

At Nicholas Wells Antiques, we live for the night, where interiors take on a new appearance. We of course celebrate the daylight, however, we truly covet the darkness. One experiences the ambiance most vividly during the darker hours, we believe intimacy and isolation are more intense and the mind is truly stimulated. 

Come on a journey with Nicholas Wells Antiques and create your night interior with drama and theatre. Use the unique opportunity of darkness to sculpt the patterns and forms, and shade the colours,  that are missed and overlooked in the daylight hours.

Selecting Antique Table Lamps for Your Interiors

Our notable Table Lamps are carefully created from original 18th and 19th-century vases. We have Chinese porcelain monochrome and polychrome jars, charming and timeless blue and white Dutch Delft vases, and bold neo-classical marble column lamps. The table lamp collection features a wide range of unique and unusual mounted vases and extraordinary objects from Rajasthani palace elephants to refined Paris porcelain. 

Table lamps make a room

The textures, scale, and unique surface glazes of our table lamps are truly one-of-a-kind works of art. They will proudly illuminate your evenings with ambiance, subtlety, and quality. As Lanto Synge, Mallett & Sons CEO once said, “Table lamps make a room”.

Candlesticks and Candelabra

Among our selection of the finest quality candlesticks and candelabra, we propose valuable antique and mid-century vintage luminaries to brighten your interiors. We have candlesticks to suit everyone’s taste and interior decor. From transforming your bedroom, and library or to injecting opulence into your dining room. We are confident that our candlesticks and candelabras will be an ideal addition to your interior design scheme.

Wall lights

No matter what type antique lighting you’re looking for, whether it’s beautiful antique brass wall lights or 1950s exterior wall lights or traditional wall lanterns, our extensive selection will be sure to have what you’re looking for. There is an extensive collection of antique wall lights and appliqués from the Regency period to the Edwardian and Georgian eras, as well as Italian, Art Deco, French Louis XV and XVI, and Art Nouveau styles. 


Extraordinary luminary opulence and beauty are captured in cut crystal, hand-blown glass, and gilt bronze chandeliers. An art form that has a fascinating history that is characterised by both aesthetic and technical innovation.

The first light fixtures were primarily made of metal and wood before the 17th century. However, during this period, rock crystal chandeliers emerged with their luxuriously ornate and reflective qualities. In a dance of reflective light, natural light and candlelight are suddenly dazzlingly reflected in these decorative pendants.

Discover our collection of beautiful antique chandeliers.


Your interior designer knows that proper lighting is crucial to achieving the desired finish in your home. In order to achieve ambiance and create a sense of structure and symmetry antique lanterns offer a timeless solution when compared with modern lighting options. With antique bronze lanterns and pendant lights from our London gallery and online store, we can meet the needs of every traditional interior design.

Antique lanterns are a wonderful addition to your hall, vestibule, or portico, or can be used to transform your living area. In the majority of our collection, we feature French and English designs from the 18th and 19th centuries. So if you see an item you are interested in, be sure to inquire. Whether you need an art deco dish light, an antique Chinese lantern, or a Regency brass lantern, we are sure to stock something that will satisfy your requirements. 

Floor Lamps

A floor lamp or standard lamp is extremely versatile due to its stand-alone design. By elevating and guiding the eye to chosen focal points in a room, they can balance the composition of the interior space. Dramatic effects can also be added. There is no shortage of exclusive and unique floor lamps for every room in your home, from Victorian floor lamps to 1940s steel floor lamps to antique wrought iron floor lamps. When paired with antique furniture, our floor lamps can successfully complete an interior design, or they can provide a perfect complement to a more modern interior, adding warmth and character.

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