Animalier Sculpture

From elephants and eagles to dogs lions and horses. Here at Nicholas Wells we have an extensive collection of antique animal sculptures and statues. For those looking for something truly unique, animalier sculptures such as our seated lions are the perfect addition to aggrandise a space with familiar or exotic loved animals.

The Animalier artistic movement emerged in 19th-century France and was characterised by the depiction of animals in art. Bronze works were a popular form of expression within this movement, as they allowed artists to capture the intricate details and textures of their animal subjects. Many of these bronze sculptures were created using the lost-wax casting method, which involved making a mold of the original sculpture and then casting the bronze into the mold. Some of the most notable Animalier artists of this time included Antoine-Louis Barye, who was known for his dynamic depictions of wild animals, and Emmanuel Fremiet, who created lifelike sculptures of domestic animals such as dogs and horses. These artists not only captured the beauty of the animal kingdom but also conveyed a sense of emotion and movement that made their works truly captivating. Today, Animalier bronze works remain highly sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts alike.


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