The genre of Greek mythology was popularised in the Renaissance through the rediscovery of ancient texts, art and architecture. Patrons of such subject matters could express their erudition, taste and social prominence through the commission of mythological scenes. Greek mythology has inspired all forms of art throughout history. Yet through the medium of sculpture, myths can be alluringly retold, expressing the spiritualism, dynamism and symbolism of these ancient stories. Just as the great Renaissance collectors curated mythological sculptures, you too can build your collection with our expertly selected sculptures.

19th Century Bronze Statue of Zeus riding an Eagle


19th Century Statuary Marble Bust of The Braschi Antinous as Dionysus, Signed Puge


A Bronze Of The Goddess Diana By Barbedienne


A Pair Of Bronze Cherubs On Marble Bases


A Pair of Classical Female Statues by Val D’Osne


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Aeneas Carrying Anchises from Troy. After Pierre Lepautre


Bacchus After Michelangelo


Bronze Figure of Asclepius – Son of Apollo


Bronze mask of a Satyr Fountain Head


Callipygian Venus


Dionysus – “Narcissus” 19th Century Bronze Statue After the Antique


Early 19th Century Cesarini Venus After Giambologna


Ferdinand Barbedienne ‘Day’ After Michelangelo Buonarrotti (1475-1564)


Flemish Carved Wooden Polychrome Figure Of Bacchus


Grand Tour Statuary Marble Bust of Eros Di Centocelle


Grotesque Classical Dolphin Cast in Lead as a Wall fountain