Worldwide Shipping

International delivery

Our standard International delivery is far from standard, it is the last and final part of any sale, and it has to be as handled as carefully as possible.

Many items require custom made cases, we use special heavy duty export grade cardboard that are custom made to fit. The item is packed in two boxes, one that fits the object snuggly with internal padding and another larger one that holds the box within that is padded with foam.

Our cardboard boxes are superior to wooden crates as they are lighter, easier to handle and easier to unpack on delivery. The cardboard can be reused or recycled. – Doing our bit for the environment and minimising our carbon footprint.

Items up to the size of chairs and small tables can be shipped in these boxes.

For larger pieces, the best solution is shipping with a fine art shipper, who will make wooden crates fitted to a pallet and oversee the delivery from door to door with the possibility of a white glove service if required.

An emporium with a diverse range of antique furniture & collectibles

We acquired a Georgian drum table from Nicholas Wells Antiques website and were afforded a most professional and comprehensive service by Nicholas from the point of sale right through to the delivery of the item.
David M (Tripadvisor)