The British antique and art market is unique for its global entrepot role, 
housing a mixing pot of works reflecting cross-border trade and exploration 
such as the Neoclassical influence of the Grand Tourbut also works of the 
Georgian and Victorian period. Our British collection is comprised of only the 
most exclusive and historically significant pieces.  
Join us at Nicholas Wells to complete your collection of these prised and rare 
works of art.  
George III Period Blue Enamel Bronze & Ormolu Cassolette


George III Turned Blue John Urn


George III Vermeil Sugar Caster


Hukin And Heath Articulated Letter Rack


Neo Classical Turned Fluorspa Blue John Urn


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Pair of George III Blue John Patinated and Gilt Bronze Atheniennes In the Manner of Thomas Hope


Pair of Illuminating Classical Alabaster Columns and Vases