The landscape picture was, and still is a major theme in art history. Often rich with symbolism, this genre of painting explores the wonders of the world, a sense of escapism with romanticised scenic views. For many of the Grand Tourists, these glimpses of painted landscapes would serve to capture foreign lands that could be brought back and placed on their living room walls as evidence of their travels. Explore our extensive and remarkable collection of the tradition of landscape painting. Our collection holds the works of the world-famous Pietro Della Valle as well as Grand Tour Italiante landscape artist Richter to Guiseppe Giardiello.

‘Fishermen at the Neopolitan coast’- Giuseppe Giardiello (1877-1920)


19th Century Watercolour View of Dilston Hall the Seat of the Unfortunate James EARL of DERWENT-WATER


After John Constable, Oil on Canvas, Mid 19th Century, Attributed to Robert Burrows of Ipswich (1810-1883)


Emil Theodor Richter (German, 1801–1878) – Italianate Landscape Painting


Framed Micromosaic Grand Tour Panel View of Rome With St Peters Basilica


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Pair of Italianate Gouache Paintings ||| Camillo de Vito


Sky at night watercolour – Paul Doherty