Table Lamps

Antique table lamps are crucial in making a room, not only for their outright attractiveness but also in providing the soft lighting that is required for a comfortable harmonious interior. Our collection is wide and varied, providing perfect antique table lamps for every interior.

From hard-edged neo-classical marble column lamps, esoteric pieces, and fine Paris porcelain to 18th-century Delft Chinoiserie blue and white vases and Chinese celadon jars. Texture, scale, and uneven glazes make these objects unique, standout, one-of-a-kind antique table lamps.

Many of our clients own historic homes and often have a preexisting art and antique collection and wonder how to incorporate unique antique table lamps into their spaces. Still, others have recently acquired an expansive contemporary space that calls for character and style.

Selecting antique table lamps or modern design objets d’art lighting from our collection of finely sourced lighting is one way to imbue your décor with a historical beauty while as well ensuring the quality of your items. Every antique table lamp available at Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd. has been selected for its unique character, exceptional materials, design, and history.

Antique Table Lamps -Interior Design and Historic Craftsmanship

Antique table lamps are crucial for interior designers and collectors alike, created from 18th and 19th-century European vases and objects to rare antique Chinese porcelain. Such as a beautiful light green or blue Celadon porcelain vase mounted as a table lamp

Indeed these remarkable objets d’art function as decoration and lighting for the elegantly appointed space. Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd. has a wonderful selection of antique table lamps to choose from. The rich cobalt blue and white patterning of a Dutch Delft lamp as well recalls the charm of the nobly appointed British home. Cobalt blues with classic white often feature scenes of flora and fauna, creating a delightful focal point for any interior.

Other stand-out ideas for creating a sense of historic layering, character and beauty include choosing the gilded magnificence of French Empire Candlesticks for desk lights – transforming the workspace into a curated experience. Innovative 19th-century column lamps offer antique sensibility and architectural elegance as well.

Modern Classicism -A Sense of Refined Balance

Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd specialises in offering the finest in modern design in addition to expertly sourced antiques. We offer a carefully curated group of modern masterpiece vintage table lamps, exemplified by their rarity and bold design.  Many iconic modernist lamps evoke the lines and geometric robust character of Cubist sculpture as well as the charm of elegance linearism of Art Deco era aesthetics such as the brass and chrome Romeo Rega style pieces or the presence of Willy Daro vintage table lamps. Such vintage lighting adds a sense of refined balance and symmetry because of the emphasis on architectonic structure.

Nicholas Wells Ltd has access to an exclusive collection of exceptional antique table lamps and floor lamps prized for their elegance of form, the ingenuity of style and craftsmanship. All lamps are wired for the UK or USA with quality silk flex.


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