Pedestal Columns and torcheres are antiques that you should invest in if you really want to make sure that your house and antique sculpture collection look the best that they can.

Both of these architectural antique additions have a real sense of grandeur, luxury and ornate living about them. They command attention whenever they are seen, which is ideal if you are creating an interior which is intended to be enjoyed by yourself and admired by guests. They are used in many towns and country houses across England, Europe, and America. To name a few, Chatsworth House, Kedleston Hall, Chiswick House, Sir John Soane’s townhouse and galleries alike, The Royal Academy, The Victoria and Albert Museum and The National Portrait Gallery in England.

No important collection is without a column or two.

19th Century Marble Pedestal Column


A Fine Richly Figured Marble Pedestal Column


A pair of mid century faux marble painted column pedestals


Carrara marble rotating sculpture pedestal column


French Napoleon III marble and gilt bronze pedestal column


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Pair of Antique Regency Polished Scagliola Pedestal Siena Columns


Pair of Fluted Solid Siena Marble Pedestals


Pair of White Carrara Marble Sculpture Gallery Pedestals


Portoro Marble Dining Table After the Antique


What is an Antique Marble Pedestal Column?

An antique marble pedestal column is made up of a circular or fluted shaft, a turned and stepped base and some may have fixed or rotating capitals, Corinthian, Ionic, Tuscan or Doric or none at all. Antique pedestal columns are designed to provide an elevated stand to display prized antique statues and fine marble busts, as well as a range of other antique items too. The marble column has been used as a classical architectural device since the Greeks and before, they have qualities and references that empathically symbolize strength, longevity, and power.

Another great use for marble pedestal columns is to add an ornate decorative appeal to any interior design. In the most part, the marble antique pedestal columns that we offer for sale in London are made from rare Italian and French Marble which are mainly in the antique Georgian or early 19th Century Regency style. The fine materials of our antique pedestal marble columns are not only highly desirable but are truly beautiful and breathtaking too.

Of course, you can use your sculpture pedestal columns primarily to display antique statuary marble portrait busts or grand tour sculptures, but their use is not limited to this, you can also find that they are incredibly useful as a stand for an antique clock, antique lamps or perhaps even a beautiful vase filled with flowers too. The possibilities really are endless.

What is an Antique Torchere?

Historically, the purpose of an antique torchere was to hold candlelit candelabras as a source of light, today, of course, this is no longer a requirement, but nonetheless, If you love the ambient flicker of candlelight or electrified candelabra with flame bulbs by Girard Sudron, then you might want to consider investing in a torchere or two. These floor-standing antique light stands are designed to hold candlesticks and candelabras amongst other lighting options and are a fantastic way to your entrance hall or dining room has a dramatic, beautiful and captivating feel to it, they can be used singly or as a pair to symmetry and framing to an interior either side of a door or either side of a commode with giltwood mirror behind.

Just like our antique pedestal columns, the early antique torcheres that we sell are also made from rare materials, generally being of a finer and lighter design, the material of choice was fine imported mahogany wood, which could take the carving and details required by the likes of Thomas Chippendale and his 18th-century contemporaries. This means that they will keep in with the overall interior theme, but also that they look astounding in their own right too.

We have already touched upon the fact that the marble that we use is rare, but why is this? The main reason for this is that the marble that is used in crafting these beautiful pieces is no longer quarried, which means that they are incredibly rare. The marble itself is second to none and not only is the design hard to beat, but the colour is also something that impresses even the hardest to please.

So, if you want to make sure that your home is the very best that it can be, why not take a look at the amazing antique columns and torcheres that you can have in your home? We can promise you that with these exquisite additions your home will never feel the same again.

Nicholas Wells Antiques proudly offer some of the very finest antique pedestal columns and antique torcheres, selected for their rarity, condition, quality and decorative merit for your interior design schemes.

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