We are trade members of LAPADA and CINOA.

LAPADA is the largest professional trade association of art & antiques dealers in the UK. Membership is only offered to those who meet the association’s strict membership criteria, regarding experience, quality of art & antiques and knowledge of their field.

CINOA established in 1935 is the principal internation- al confederation of art & antique market professionals. CINOA is the only international trade association representing a global network of art and antique dealers. 

Trust still exists, and this is nice

I have never met Nicholas Wells, nor actually visited his antiques shop. Nevertheless, I think that you should know this about this upstanding, honest, and trust worth individual. I cam across Nicholas Wells Antiques, online, looking for Meiji period items. I found a beautiful silver Goshawk and Wood piece. I am not a novitiate when it comes to antiques and especially Japanese pieces. Mr. Wells and my interactions occurred over the internet, and were friendly, cordial, and , actually, delightful. He was accommodating, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. The purchase of this piece went extremely well, and was made even more delightful is when he sent the piece to the restorer for some touch up work to the silver. The shipping went without incident and the large, piece was received in excellent condition, and was as described. I look forward to meeting Mr. Wells when I cross the pond, but anyone who has the time or inclination, might want to view his shop while in London.
Gerald D. (Tripadvisor)