Portrait Busts & Sculptures

Portrait busts are important historical documents that provide vivid reference to a moment in the life of the sitter and the stylistic traits of an era. Literally carved in marble and cast in bronze these documents stand frozen in the face of constantly evolving time as a statement and presentation of another age. Whether you wish to acquire a 17th, 18th century masterpiece carved in statuary marble or a finely sculpted renaissance bronze, our portrait busts and sculptures will compliment your collections and build upon your interests.

19th Century Bronze of a Gladiator


19th Century Grand Tour Bust of Julius Caesar


A George III Lead Bust Of Seneca


Barbedienne After the Antique Bust of Lucius Verus, France, 19th century


Bronze Bust of Lysimachus After a Roman Original


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Bust of a philosopher (Il Filosofo)


Collection of Eight Cast Bronze Napoleon Bonaparte Statues


Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius


Gladstone Bust ||| Terracotta


Grand Tour Bronze Bust of Ancient Greek Poet Homer



Imperial Marble Bust of Caesar Augustus After the Discovery at Villa of Livia, Rome


Italian 18th Century Marble Bust of a Girl


John Keats – Plaster Life Mask by Benjamin Robert Haydon


Late 18th Century Grand Tour Bronze Bust of Hadrian


Lysippos Apoxyomenos : Black Basalt Statue : ‘The Scraper’ Torso


Marble bust and Roman Torso