Heraldic art is a form of art that dates back to the Middle Ages. It involves the creation of coats of arms, which were used to identify families, kingdoms, and other entities. These coats of arms were often displayed on flags, banners, and other items. Heraldic art is still used today, particularly in the field of genealogy.

The creation of a coat of arms involves a number of elements. These include the shield, which is the main part of the coat of arms, and the crest, which sits on top of the shield. Other elements may include supporters, which are figures that stand on either side of the shield, and a motto, which is a phrase that appears on a banner below the shield.

Heraldic art is a fascinating field that combines history, art, and symbolism. Whether you are interested in genealogy or simply appreciate the beauty of these ancient designs, there is much to explore in the collection at Nicholas Wells Antiques.


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