Bone is a hard, dense material that forms the skeletal structure of vertebrates. It is composed mainly of collagen, a protein that provides the material with flexibility, and calcium phosphate, which gives it its strength and rigidity.

In the past, bone was commonly used in the production of a wide range of objects and furniture due to its durability and workability. Animal bones, such as those from cattle and deer, were used to make items like buttons, combs, knife handles, and gaming pieces.

Bone was also used to create intricate decorative elements on furniture, such as inlay work or carving. For example, ivory, which is a type of bone, was a popular material for the intricate carvings found on antique furniture, particularly during the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Another use in antique objects was as a structural component. For example, the rib bones of whales were sometimes used as structural supports in the construction of boats and ships.

Overall, it has been an important material in many industries throughout history, and its use in antique objects and furniture demonstrates the versatility and durability of this natural material.

Bone and ivory are both hard, dense materials composed of calcium and phosphorus. However, there are several distinguishing features between the two:

  1. Source: Bones come from animals, while ivory comes from the tusks and teeth of certain animals, such as elephants, walruses, and narwhals.
  2. Texture: Bone has a more porous and rough texture, while ivory has a smoother texture and a more uniform grain pattern.
  3. Color: Bone is generally a creamy white color, while ivory can vary in color from off-white to yellowish-brown or even dark brown.
  4. Density: Ivory is generally denser than bone, meaning it has a higher mass per unit volume.
  5. Strength: Ivory is stronger than bone and can withstand greater forces without breaking.
  6. Rarity: Due to the strict laws and regulations around the trade of ivory, it has become an obsolete material in the USA and UK, though trade continues in Europe, while bone is more readily available and affordable.


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